A Little Bit Of Personal History And Look Ahead

A bit of personal history

So what kind of photographer am I? Documentary? Portrait? Landscape? Lifestyle? Fashion? Architectural? Motorsport? All and none.

Born in the mid 1970’s it wasn’t until I was given the family camera for a school trip 1986 that I discovered photography. For me school life before that trip had been a struggle as unknown to me at that time, I was Dyslexic in a time when it was only beginning to be recognised. Ever since then photography has been a part of my life, though sometimes it had been floating in the background.

By my mid 30’s photography had become more than a mere personal interest. In 2009 I began studying for a fine arts degree in Photography, graduating with a degree in 2012.

Since graduating I have been continuing to develop my photographic skills with personal projects & portfolio shoots. I have had work in exhibitions and in 2017 I travelled to both Iceland & Australia to produce my own brand of travel & landscape photography.

For me photography is not just about producing something beautiful but something more than that. An emotional response, introspective, thought provoking, meaningful, these are just some of results I like to see from my work. I do of course like to produce work that people will enjoy looking at as well.

I have been quite lucky in where I have lived. I boarded at a school in the Sussex countryside up against the South Downs & when at home I was also surrounded by the South Downs. Being so close to Brighton and with London just over an hour away means there is a great deal of talent within a reasonable distance.

My main photographical interests are: - The natural world (the South Downs & Sussex coastline has so much to offer), Portrait Photography, Macro Photography & High Detail Photography.

I love taking portraits especially headshots, using different lenses & lighting setups to produce very diverse portraits is something I continue to explore. Fluorescent makeup & beauty photography (using a macro lens) are the current areas of portrait photography I am exploring.

For me photography is more than just a job or lifestyle, it is something to enjoy doing & to be enjoyed. If I didn’t enjoy doing it then I wouldn’t be doing it, it’s as simple as that.

Australia 2019

Ok so I’ve been having a little think since I did my end of year review/vlog yesterday.

I have always wanted to go back to Australia again, it’s such a big country you just can’t do it all in one go or even two or three go’s.

The first time I went was for four weeks (December 2006- January 2007) for the Ashes so I didn’t really do much else apart from when I was in Melbourne & Sydney.

The second time was in May 2017 for three weeks, in this case I had decided to do a 500 mile photographic road trip most of which was the Great Ocean Road (from Torquay to Port Fairy Victoria). I kept a photographic blog of my trip which can be seen here.

So now to my prospective 2019 trip. I’m thinking of three weeks in June/early July, I don’t want to cut into the English summer holidays otherwise I might not get the time off I want for this trip. I would be hoping to land in Adelaide, spend no more than five days there some of which would be to reset my body clock which takes two to three days. Then move on to Alice Springs for four or five days before finishing in Perth & the surrounding area Western Australia and then fly back from Perth.

I don’t want to spend too long in Adelaide as I’ve been there before, from what I remember I spent about a week there last time. I’m really interested in Alice Springs as I’ve never been there before & it’s quite different from the metropolitan Australian experience. I have been to Perth before but saw nothing of it as I spent to whole time resetting my body clock & then flew out to Adelaide, there is quite a lot to explore in Western Australia which would be my main area this time round.

Well I’ll put up more post’s when I have more news.

Sunrise & The Seashore

Ok so last Saturday (the 13th) I got up before dawn and went up to the South Downs above Woodingdean (on the road Brighton & Hove Albion’s stadium is on) as a friend had told me that it’s a great place to take photos from.

As I was driving along the A27 I could see the wonderful golden colours of the dawn coming as the light bounced off the clouds over Brighton so I was really excited about what I would see when I got to the spot I had picked out.

As you can see from the video below it didn’t quite work out as I had planned, all the wonderful colours were on the wrong side of the hill which mean I had to shoot into the coming sunrise.

To mitigate this, I used a Cokin P Series Gradual ND 8 square filter. Now this was the first time I had ever used a square filter before so I was learning on the fly but I did get a few good results. I found a mobile phone tower right where I was shooting which was great as it gave a sense of scale as well as a subject to photograph with the sunrise light.

After I had finished shooting the sunrise (around 8am) I decided to go to Shoreham-By-Sea Harbour & see what I could get there as I knew the tide had turned & was coming back in but would still be quite low.

There were some interesting shapes in the sea defences as well as the seaweed which was cool.

Anyway, enjoy the video below, you can check out my Youtube channel for more videos.

Up date time

Hello folks.

So it's been a while since I've updated my blog.

I got that Australian flu that knocked me off my feet for most of January & have been quite busy with my day job which has left me with not that much free time to myself.

I have two trips planned so far this year, the World Endurance Motor racing at Silverstone in August & the GB WRC (World Rally Championship) in October in Wales.

I decided (before I got the flu) that this year I would start posting videos on YouTube. The idea behind this is that it will make me more proactive in getting out there & taking more photos & experimenting more. For too long I have relied on just a few trips a year as the majority of my output which I want to change. This is all part of my strategy to become a full-time photographer, with this in mind below are the first two videos I have posted.

The plan is that everytime I post a video in Youtube I will also put it up here.


Sky Arts Master Of Photography 2017

Well I've picked 10 images for my Sky Arts Master Of Photography submission.

It nearly went wrong this morning when a power surge destroyed my computers power supply unit, fortunately that's all that was damaged. I got it all fixed in just a few hours.

Now all I have to do is upload my selected images, answer the questions, do my intro video & push submit!


Kirkjuefellfos was my destination today, things didn't get off to a good start however. My car hire sat nav wouldn't take my destination so I had to choose the nearest point & go from there.

Next instead to taking me through the toll tunnel (the shortest route) my sat nav sent me the scenic way which added another 1 1/2 hours to my journey time. On the plus side I did get to see these beauties.

So having taken the scenic route I finally reached Kirkjufelloss, to my surprise there weren't as many people there as I thought there might me. What really made it so great was the sun, it shined ALL day which made for great photos. 

After spending an hour shooting photos I had some lunch & headed back to Reykjavik only this time I forced the sat nav to go the shorter route.

All in all a good day so lets hope tomorrow is as good for my trip out east.

16 Days To Iceland

Only 16 to go!

Hire-car booked (paid for).

Accommodation booked.

Flights booked (paid for).

I’m still planning where I will visit in Iceland, I’ve decided to limit myself to no further than a 5-hour drive (each way), that’s a lot of places to visit.

When I have decided on some definite sites I’ll put up their locations (Google Maps), the glacial lagoon Jökulsárlón is on my list along with the Solheimasandur Plane Wreck & Snaefellsnes.

More to follow.


Ok so I have purchased my airline tickets & arranged my accommodation so all I need now is a hire car and I'll be set.

My camera is nice & clean (had the sensor cleaned a few weeks back @ Park Cameras), my 24-70mm f/4L lens is getting fixed so should have that back by the end of next week at the latest which is good as I want to exchange it for a Tamron 28-300mm lens which is much more practical.

All things being good I'll have my 5DSR, tripod, action video camera & 2 lenses (Samyang 14mm f/2.8 along with the Tamron I mentioned earlier) nice & ready for my trip.

I'll post the places where I will be photographing later once I have a better idea my where I want to go.