TFP Studio Portrait Shoot

Ok so although this is my blog I think I should post up some information for my studio portfolio shoot that’s happening next Thursday (6th of December).

Info: -

Models: - Please bring 2 outfits, now this can be 2 complete outfits or half (e.g 2 different tops). For the guys if you want to bring something smart & casual that would be cool.

Any accessories you might want to bring like hats, jewellery, glasses/shades, umbrella, anything with a hood would be cool too.

I’m looking to do 4 types of shots: - Full length, half length (from waist up), headshot (full face/head) and eyes (will use my macro lens for that).

I will bring some different coloured LED fairy lights for something a little different.

Models/MUA’s: - Once I have finished editing the photos you can choose which ones you would like for your portfolio, I will then send them to you at the right resolution for the internet (full res images are quite large).

Please check out the link below (Poses), I’m interested in the poses not the looks if you know what I mean. Poses