Anthony Da Vall

Photos by Anthony Da Vall.

I graduated in 2012 with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Photographic Arts Practice from Northbrook College Sussex (awarded by Brighton university), basically a fine art degree in Photography (their words not mine). I've been interested in Photography since my parents bought me my first camera at the age of 11.

The one area I like to specialise in is fine/high detail photography which I really enjoy doing. I also shoot Sports, Macro, Portraits, Fashion, Landscapes (urban and traditional), Product, Architectural and Fine Art.

I don’t like to stick to a single photographic genera, however that’s not to say I don’t gravitate towards certain photographic types. I love texture, shallow depth of field, highly detailed, high contrast & colour. I love taking detailed gritty textured portraits, I find them especially interesting & thought provoking.

I’m just as happy in the studio as outside in the natural world, I shoot sports, nature, macro photography, still life. I’d like to experiment with HDR portrait photography the next time I do a portrait session.

I am always looking to continue to develop my photography, push my skills and expand my knowledge.

I won’t lie, I’ve never been a follower of fashion or trends nor particular brands either (unless you count photographic equipment). I do photographically speaking like minimalism & simplicity (as seen on my website).

So I’m a Photographer? What does that actually mean? Well let’s see, I like taking pictures of pretty much anything, I have no specific genera as my main area of expertise. However, I know what I like so I guess that’s a place to start.

Anyone can take a picture but to take a “good” picture, to capture more than the mundane meaningless detritus that propagates the various photo sites on the internet, that’s what a photographer does and that is what I try to achieve.