Dyslexia Project

I’ve got a new(ish) project on the go though only in the initial stages at the moment, here’s’ the premise:-

I am a former pupil of Northease Manor (boarder from 1988-1992).

It is no exaggeration to say that the school saved me, without it I dare not think what would have become of me.

The skills I learned while attending the school prepared me for the outside world in more ways than I could have possibly imagined, not just academically speaking but in every day life. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I didn’t have to pre-plan so much of my daily life, even the simple things like making a pack lunch & laying out cloths for work the night before.

The skills I learned at Northease came in very useful while I studied at university, a degree in something I love doing (Photography) has always been a dream of mine which finally came true when I graduated in July 2012 (BA Hons.)

So now I come to the task at hand.

Although I have not yet become a professional photographer (really pushing myself this year) I still do consider myself to be a Photographer/Artist. I have several ongoing projects at the moment.

Following on from my degree dissertation “The Dyslexic Photographer” & final year project, for some time through both photography & the moving image I have wanted to continue my exploration of Dyslexia & what it means to be Dyslexic. My intention is to produce a short film/video, photo book, exhibition possibly even some form of installation using still & moving imagery, soundscapes and interviews from real Dyslexic people.

This is very much a multiform project with the objective being to express what it is like to be Dyslexic to the greater population which quite frankly has no idea other than the stereotypes that perpetuate popular media.