I am in Iceland!

Ok so I got to Gatwick Airport this morning expecting some kind of delay for the weather but to my surprise there was none! Also on the way to the airport I saw a double rainbow :)

So after checking my baggage & going through security I wondered the South Terminal waiting for my flights gate number to come up. While I was wondering I thought I'd get a travel alarm clock so I didn't have to reply on my phone, could I find 1? It appears you have better odd's of winning the lottery than finding a travel alarm clock @ Gatwick Airport. I don't get it.

Anyway after a while my stomach started to grumble so I had a nice breakfast as food was extra on the flight.


Having filled myself up it was time to get on my flight.


When I went to Australia back in May I was seated one row back from two screaming children that screamed the plane down for the full eight hours of that flight. So when about twenty plus teenagers boarded I was a little concerned. Two & a half hours of constant noise was torture but there was a silver lining.

The Air Steward was quite different, a mixture of sarcasm & dead pan humour would be the best way to describe him.

When we landed it was cloudy with sunny periods so better than what I had left behind.

Getting through the airport only took about twenty minutes which was good. I had a nice surprise when I got to the Hertz car hire desk too, they upgraded my hire car at no extra coast! Instead of a roller-skate (Toyota Yaris) I got me a automatic VW Golf Estate! They even threw in the Sat Nav at half price.

So I've never driven a left-hand drive car before, when I got into town I kept getting to close to the kerb (I even mounted it a little bit once but at low speed & no apparent damage was done). I found the scenery really hard to ignore, I saw loads of spots I'd like to photograph so I have a feeling I won't be lacking photographic opportunities while I'm here in Iceland.

So eventually I reached my accommodation, you get a lot for just over £20 per night. I'm a bit underwhelmed by the lack of power points in my dorm room (sharing with 3 other people).

I did pop out for some supplies but managed to get a little lost, still I got a few of the items I wanted.

More to follow soon...