The Unknown Known

I have been thinking for a while (years) about producing a project centred around the concept of hidden disability.

Now you may ask what I mean by this? I myself was born with what could be termed a hidden disability. Dyslexia is what’s called a “Learning Disability”, but I prefer to call it a “Learning Difference” as I can learn just as well as anyone else it’s just I learn in a different way thus learning difference not disability. In fact, pretty much everyone I tell I’m Dyslexic say the same thing “You don’t look Dyslexic” which is kind of the point of this project. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not real, you see a person with a guide dog you immediately think “Oh that person is blind or at least visually impaired”.

Who is this project about? Well part of that question forms the core of this project, the exploration of the concept of a hidden disability is very broad (as it should be) so at this stage I don’t what to confine/limit where this project go’s.

I have 3 initial aims for this project: -

1.      To produce a collection of photographs that depicts the concept of a hidden disability and its effects on those who are “Hidden Disabled” as well as those around them.

2.      To produce a documentary featuring interviews of “Hidden Disabled” people talking about their daily lives & how their disability effects them & their interactions with the normal world.

3.      To educate & remove the stigmas surrounding hidden disabilities

Now these aims aren’t set in stone they may change & evolve as the project progresses, this is just the starting point.

WEC Silverstone 2018

I will be shooting both photos & video of the WEC 2018 race weekend at Silverstone from Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th of August. I'm hoping to get some good slow motion video on the corner of the circuit  the photo above was taken from.